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We decided to close for a few days for security reasons in order to avoid contacts with customers, suppliers, couriers etc. to protect us and everyone because we believe it is time to give priority to health rather than economic reasons. We feel as soon as possible when all this has passed thanks to te commitment and sacrifice of everyone.
Every order confirmed before the closing date and undispatched because awaiting payment, will be kept in suspense until the opening date of our office.
You cannot do any new purchases in this moment, because out of order. However, you can add the products you look at on your Wish List to buy them later.
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 Sorry for eventually inconveniences and...everything will be fine :-)

Specials - Fossils

Cat: gift ideas
46,90 43,00

collection of 12 fossils selected, with book. Right to begin a...

Cat: books stock
29,40 22,00

three naturalistic books (published by Edicart and Mondadori) of...

Cat: artiodactyls (cattle, pigs, deer, camels, antelopes)
190,00 169,00

fossil  tibia of bison, 2.4 Kg, cm 51 x 14 x 8. The steppe bison...

Cat: artiodactyls (cattle, pigs, deer, camels, antelopes)
39,00 29,00

fossil lumbar vertebra of bison, 460 gr, cm 16 x 15 x 10. The steppe...

Cat: botany
5,20 3,00

italian language, colour photos, the history and peculiarities of...

Cat: paleontology
36,00 29,00

colors, italian language, certainly one of the most comprehensive and...

Cat: Perissodactyla (horses, rhinos, tapirs)
7,50 5,90

fossil horse tooth, mm 57 x 27 x 15. The evolution of the horse...

Cat: Perissodactyla (horses, rhinos, tapirs)
39,00 29,00

second fossil neck vertebra of horse, 232 gr - cm 10.6 x 7.5 x 6.2. ...

Cat: botany
5,20 3,00

italian language, colour photos, wide digression of varied...

Cat: fossil stocks
40,00 19,00

lot 5 real fossil mixed Triceratops bone sections, total weight 8.6...

Cat: fossil stocks
13,00 8,00

fossil shells, 10 pieces, cm 1.5-2.5. The fossil are supplied...

Cat: fossil teeth
12,00 7,50

cm 1-2.5, lot ten fossil shark's teeth Odontaspis (Striatolamia)...

Cat: sauropods and theropods
290,00 250,00

real fossil young T-rex tooth tip, mm 19 x 11 x 7, only a piece, with...

Cat: fossil teeth
6,00 4,50

cm 3.5-4.5 (extralarge!), fossil shark's tooth Odontaspis...

Cat: spines and vertebrae
9,00 7,50

cm 4-5, placoid scale (rostral tooth) of shark (ancestor of sawfish)....

Cat: mosasaurs lizards snakes
12,00 9,00

fossil vertebra of boid sea-snake, cm 2.1 x 2.1 x 1.7. The...

Cat: echinoderms (sea-urchins, star-fishes, crinoids)
35,00 29,00

fossil crinoid, diameter cm 2.7, slab cm 7.5 x 7. Saccocoma (feather...

Cat: fossils in boxes
9,00 6,50

real fossil Triceratops bone section, 3.5 gr, mm 17 x 16 x 6, fixed...

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