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Lot 1.5 Kg Fossil Mix Sea Shell Prehistoric Bivalves Pliocene Collection

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Origin : France

Geological era : Upper Pliocene (Piacenzian)

Age : 3 million of years

Lot about 1.5 Kg Mixed Marine Fossil Shells Bivalves Lamellibranchs Pelecypods Prehistoric Molluscs Pliocene Cenozoic Tertiary Collecting Paleontology Museum.

Pleasant fossil finds of various species and genera of Bivalvia Shells from the upper Pliocene originating from very friable clayey sediments. Fragments of representative collectible specimens of appreciable quality (Ostraeidae, Cardiidae, Lucinidae, Veneridae, etc.), with evident well-preserved anterior and posterior details of the shape of the shells and ribs and ornamental wrinkles.

The fossils are supplied naturally, as taken from the field. They can be easily cleaned of sediment that covers them, and if you wish, consolidated with resin paraloid.

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