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Collection Volcanic Ashes Lava Rocks + Book

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Origin : Iceland, USA, Hawaii, Bolivia, Italy, Chile

Collection with Book of Volcanic Samples (Ashes, Lapilli Rocks, Pumice Minerals, Lavas and Sands) erupted from the main and most famous Volcanoes in the world.

All ashes, volcanic bombs, or other rocks such as Apache Teardrops, sulfur, obsidian, tuff, crystal chalk, etc. they can also be purchased separately on our site.
If purchased separately, the total cost of the individual items is 131.00 euros.

The lot includes the following 6 items:
- test tube with ashes from the Mt. St. Helens volcano (Washington, USA), collected in 1980 at 4,400 miles from the volcano;
- test tube with ashes from the Grímsvötn volcano (Iceland), from the 2011 eruption;
- test tube with ashes of the Haleakalā volcano (eastern Maui), taken from the Ka'uiki Head mountain (Hawaii, USA);
- obsidian sample (20-40 gr, Chile);
- tuff sampe (20-30 gr, Italy);
- test tube with sulfur (15 gr in fragments and powder) from the El Desierto mine, in Bolivia.

Attached to the test tubes with the ashes, the exhaustive descriptive geological cards (locality, history of volcanoes and their eruptions, etc.) with color photos, A4 format.
The lot also includes a book on volcanoes, (Vulcani, piccola enciclopedia - Jacques-marie Bardintzeff, ed. Rizzoli - cm 22 x 12,5 - pagg. 119), Italian language).

This volume tries to give a more realistic and reliable image of the geological and volcanological manifestations of our planet, as a formidable thermal machine still active.
The interior of the Earth, the great volcanic regions of the world, the prediction of eruptions, the challenge of volcanologists to prevent disasters, and a brief history of volcanoes from prehistory to the present day, including the arts and landscapes, are then reviewed. unique. Divided in alphabetical order, each color is associated with a color that indicates the type of topic. Thanks to this classification and references, the reader can move between entries and information at will.

All the ashes are labeled and contained in tubes with cap, from which they can be easily removed if necessary for the study under a microscope.
With the exception of the Etna lava bomb fragment, all volcanic ash can also be purchased separately on our site, at this link. Similarly the Apache teardrops, to this other link, where you can find as many more detailed information about it.

Volcanic ash consists of small tephra, which are fragments of pulverized rock and glass originating from volcanic eruptions, with a diameter of less than 2 millimeters (0.1 inches). The ash is created when the usually violent nature of an eruption that produces magma and steam, involves the solid rock that surrounds the mouth of the volcano, which is torn into particles of clay and sand.
As with all volcanic ash, the material must be handled with care and not inhaled.

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