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Book Birdwatching Volume Birds Flying Animals Nature Ornithology Zoology Ethology Ecology Behavior Life Aves

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Size : cm 10 x 19 - pages 192

Book "Birdwatching" Volume on Birds Flying Animals Cities Woods Countryside Nature Skies Air Ornithology Zoology Ethology Ecology Behavior Life Aves.
In color, with numerous cards and illustrations.
A truly interesting and complete book to learn how to observe the world of birds from a privileged perspective and thus discover their habitats and behaviors. Divided into cards that review the main Italian marine, marsh, mountain, forest or countryside ecosystems, through a very detailed map divided into approximately 80 sites between north, south and central Italy. Necessary material: binoculars or spyglass.

Series: Guide Natura d'Italia.
Author: Luciano Ruggeri, Gianni Conca.
Ed. Giunti.

Italian language. It will certainly have happened to you - during a walk in the countryside, at the seaside or in the city - to look up at the sky and see a flock of birds flying in compact formation towards an unknown destination. Or to observe a beautiful specimen of bird among the trees in your garden or, again, to be struck by a melodious chirping that resonates in the spring air. Often the passion for birdwatching is born just like this... Here you will find, explained in a simple and clear way, all the useful information to practice this hobby, learn about the habitats in which the birds live and their incredible strategies to ensure their survival. And it will be easy to discover that the world in which they move is made up of uncontaminated environments, but also of a nature where the presence of man has unfortunately left an indelible mark. It will only be the beginning of a fascinating adventure made of small and large discoveries!

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