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Anti-Moth Exhalator Entomological Boxes Butterflies Coleopters Insects Collecting

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Size : cylinder cm 2.3 x 3 h

Mothproof Exhaler Cylinder for Entomological Display Box Frame Showcase Notice-Board for Collection Butterflies Coleopters Insects.
It allows the gradual exhalation over time of pesticide preservatives, insecticides and mothicides that infest the collections, damaging them irreparably.
Equipped with a perforated cap and tip to fix it to the sponge, plastozote, polyurethane or polystyrene bottom of the entomological boxes.
Fragments of camphor, naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene (never together!) or cotton wool soaked in creosote can be introduced inside the Exhaler. You can find some of these pesticides in our Equipment Catalog, at this link.

For use and operation, please refer to our Articles and Columns section, a free downloadable file: "Guide to Entomological Preparation" (only italian version). Alternatively, further information in English at this link.

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