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Tanning Mixture Leather Skin 750 gr Embalm Taxidermy Tan Preparations Vertebrate

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Size : 750 gr

Mixture Ready for Tanning Bath Leathers Skins Hides Embalming Taxidermic Tan Stuff Preparations Vertebrate.
Powder Salt Preparation to Tan, to dissolve into 5 litres of water.

Immediately after killing the animal, tissue degradation processes begin. Even before putrefaction, this causes more or less serious damage to the leather which rapidly causes its quality and value to decline from a tanning point of view or if you want to embalm it for taxidermy conservation techniques. Therefore, while waiting to embalm an animal, skinning its skin, it must be quickly frozen.
Conservation must also be carried out as quickly as possible and consists of creating conditions within the skin that make the life and development of bacteria and microorganisms that produce putrefaction enzymes impossible. By far the most used methods are salting and drying.
Salting consists of saturating the skin with specific percentages of various salts of marine or mineral origin. These salts penetrate the skin very quickly (the skin contains approximately 65% water) and produce a partial elimination of water due to an osmotic effect, while the remaining water becomes a saturated solution of salt. These conditions are absolutely unsuitable for the life and development of microorganisms and therefore the putrefactive processes remain inhibited. Salting is the most suitable tanning process for thick leather, such as bovine leather, because the salt quickly penetrates the entire thickness.
It is a very efficient, economical process, easy to apply and therefore very widespread, at least at an artisanal level or for amateur embalming, since to tan leather at an industrial level, the salts end up in the processing water. They are not toxic or harmful products, but nevertheless cause a modification of the flora and fauna of the waters of the receiving bodies (rivers, canals, lakes), contributing to their pollution.

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