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Chinchilla chinchilla Skull Mammalia Rodentia Chinchillidae

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Origin : South America

Size : cm 5.9

Chinchilla Skull Chinchilla Chinchilla cm 5.9 Mammlia Rodentia Chinchillidae, complete of mandible, only a piece, as in photo.
Common name: Chinchilla.

Chinchillas (Bennett, 1829) are a genus of rodents native to South America; more precisely from the Andean region. They were once hunted or bred (they risked extinction) for their fur, while now they have become a pet, but there are still family units in the wild in nature.
The name chinchilla derives from the French chinchilla, in turn from the Spanish chinchilla, diminutive of chinche or "bug", due to its smell.
Their appearance is very reminiscent of a large squirrel with a gait similar to that of a rabbit. It has very thin and soft fur which serves to maintain a constant body temperature, as do the auricles, the only organ of the chinchilla which has the task of lowering the body temperature, as they are rich in capillaries. The chinchilla is generally a very docile animal that never bites.

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