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Lot Aporrhais pespelecani 10 Pcs Seashell Sea Snail Gastropod Pelican's Foot Snail

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Origin : Mediterranean sea (Tyrrhenian)

Only 0.90 Euro per Shell ! Lot 10 Aporrhais pespelecani mm 20-30 Seashell Sea Snail Gastropod Pelican's Foot Snail, secon choice (beached, with encrustations, dressed by sea, etc.)
Also available individually, at this link.
Family: Aporrhaidae.
Common name: Common Pelican's Foot.
Syn. Strombus pespelecani.

Aporrhais pespelecani (Linnaeus, 1758), known as pelican's foot, is a marine gastropod mollusc of the Aporrhaidae family. It has a shell ranging from 3 to 5 cm with a characteristic shape with 4 expansions in the shape of a webbed foot. Young specimens, however, have a straight and sharp lip. Its color varies from light brown to shades of yellow. It is a very common species in the cold and temperate waters of the Mediterranean Basin and the north-eastern Atlantic. It lives in the sandy and muddy bottoms of the infralittoral plane.

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