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Clithon corona (2) mm 11 Seashell Gastropoda Sea Snail Nerite Nerita

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Origin : Philippines (Mindanao Is.)

Size : mm 11

Clithon corona mm 11  Seashell Gastropoda Sea Snail Nerite Nerita, only a piece, as in photos.
Collected in September 2020 from local fishermen dive in 20-30 meters deep.
Family: Neritidae.
Common name: Horned Nerite Snail, Horned Bumblebee Snail, Crown Nerite Snail.

Syn. Clithon variabilis, Nerita cardinalis, Nerita corona, Nerita keraudrenii, Nerita montacuti, Nerita montaguana, Nerita obscurata, Nerita recluziana, Neritina aspera, Neritina brevispina, Neritina coronoides, Neritina corrugata, Neritina deltoidea, Neritina discors, Neritina flexuosa, Neritina hapa, Neritina monilifera, Neritina musiva, Neritina paya, Neritina rhitidophora, Neritina ruida, Neritina subrugata, Neritina unidentata, Neritina vitiana.

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