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Liguus virgineus Land Snail Terrestrial Shell Tropical Air-Breathing Pulmonate Gastropoda

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Origin : Hispaniola (Dominican Republic)

Liguus virgineus mm 30-50 Land Snail Terrestrial Shell Tropical Air-Breathing Pulmonate Gastropoda.
Family: Orthalicidae.
Common name: Candy Snipe Landsnail, Candy Cane Snail, or Rainbow Snail or Candy-Stripes Snail.
Syn. Bulla virginea, Achatina virginea.

Liguus virgineus is a kind of ground snail breathing air, a pulmonary molluscs of the Orthalicidae family. This species is native to the Caribbean island of Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic), east of Cuba. These snails live on trees and feed on musk, mushrooms and microscopic algae that cover the bark. Liguus virgineus shells can reach a length of 60 millimeters (1.2-2.4 in). These small shells are oval-conical, thin but robust. The shell surface is shiny. The opening is semi-circular. The background color of the shell is creamy white or creamy, with thin strips of orange, purple and yellow. The opening can be dark gray or purple-white with scarlet lips.

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