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Pecten albicans Seashell Bivalve Scallop Comb Clam Pectinid

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Origin : West Pacific

Seashell Pecten albicans mm 100-110 Seashell Bivalve Scallop Comb Clam Pectinid, only right valve.
Common name: Japanese Baking Scallop.
Syn. Ostrea albicans, Pallium albicans, Pecten laqueatus, Plicatula laqueatus, Plicatula naganumana.

Similar to Pecten jacobaeus. This shell is also known as Jacob's comb or more commonly scallop or S. James's shell. It may appear completely white or reddish-orange shades, as in the photo.
Also used as a religious symbol of the pilgrimage in the city of Santiago de Compostela.
Pecten albicans has a shell reaching a size of 95 mm, with about 12 radiating ribs. The color of the surface usually ranges from light brown to dark brown, but it may be also orange or purple. The lower valve of this species is less convex than in Pecten excavatus. This species is of commercial value for fishing in Japan.

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