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Lamellidens marginalis Pearlized Freshwater Shell Bivalve Mussel Clam Comb

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Origin : Philippines

Lamellidens marginalis mm 130-140 Pearlized Silver Nacre Freshwater Shell Bivalve Mussel Clam Comb, both valves.
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Family: Unionidae.
Common name: Comb Pearl Mussel, Giant Freshwater Mussel, Asiam Pearl Mussel, or "Kabibi".
Syn. Symphynota bilineata, Unio evanescens, Unio marginalis, Unio thwaitesii.

It should be noted that in transparency against the light, a trace of the glue used to join the two shells together after polishing may be visible internally and it is not possible to separate them. The article is therefore presented as a single piece, more for decorative purposes than for collectors. We are therefore not responsible for any damage caused to the product to try to clumsily separate the pieces.

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