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Corvus corone Crow Feather 2 Pieces Birds Aves Passeriformes Corvidae

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Origin : British Island

Feathers Bird Crow 2 Pieces Corvus corone cm 6.5-8 Birds Aves Passeriformes Corvidae.
Family: Corvidae (crows).
Common name: Carrion Crow, Hodden Crow, European Common Crow.

The Crow (Corvus corone Linnaeus, 1758), is a passerine bird belonging to the Corvidae family.
The scientific name of the species, crowns, derives from the Greek meaning "croaking".
It measures approximately 50 cm in length, for a wingspan of 80-100 cm.
The plumage, as can be guessed from the common name, is totally black in colour, shiny and with a silky consistency: on the body there are metallic shades of greenish colour, clearly evident when the animal is in direct light.
The beak and legs are black: the eyes, however, are dark brown.
The crow is a diurnal bird, it spends most of its time on the ground or among the branches of bushes in search of food, then returning in the late afternoon to roost trees where it can spend time socializing and above all spend the night sheltered from bad weather and possible predators.
Some specimens, especially if in captivity, are able to reproduce some sounds similar to human ones and repeat some words.
Like most corvids, the black crow is virtually an opportunistic omnivore, with a tendency towards saprophagy. Crows can collaborate with each other to attack large birds of prey or small canids and steal their prey.
These are monogamous birds, whose pairs remain together for years, often for life. Pairs generally raise a single brood per year. The two sexes collaborate in building the nest, which normally takes place among the branches of a large isolated tree.
The taxonomic position of the carrion crow relative to the hooded crow remains a matter of debate, as the latter has long been considered a subspecies of the former, which some authors continue to do. The two species have a practically identical genetic makeup, with the gray crow not expressing a small area (less than 0.28%) of the genome located on chromosome 18, responsible for body coloration.
Two subspecies are recognised:
Corvus corone corone
Corvus corone orientalis

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