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Rhodonite 1 Pezzo Raw Minerals Stones Rocks Collecting (2)

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Origin : Brazil

Rhodonite 1 Piece 41-60 gr - cm 3-6 Raw Minerals Stones Rocks for Collection.
Iron, Calcium and Magnesium inosilicate.

Rhodonite is a mineral, whose name derives from the Greek "ρόδον" i.e. pink in colour. The origin is hydrothermal or metamorphic by transformation of silica-free manganese carbonates with the addition of magmatic materials, but the mineral can be found in metamorphic rocks and metasomatic rocks or in various manganese deposits.
The crystals have rounded or thin edges, almost as if they were flakes. The massive material is flesh-pink in color with black streaks due to hydrated manganese oxides.
Locality of discovery: Sweden, Urals, northern Italy, South Africa, Madagascar, Tanzania, New Jersey and Montana (USA), Canada, India, Australia, Brazil.
The mineral is cut into spheres or cabochons, or it is used for the manufacture of jewels, statues and other ornamental objects.

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