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Red Tibetan Quartz 10 Pieces Crystal Raw Minerals Stones Rocks Collecting Crystaltherapy

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Origin : Tibet

Size : 77.2 gr - mm 30-55

Lot 10 Red Tibetan Hyaline Crystal Quartz 77.2 gr - mm 30-55 Raw Minerals Crystals Stones Rocks for Collection or Crystaltherapy,  natural, not worked, as in photo.

Also available:
- single or in lots raw hyaline quartz tips, or bits of hyaline quartz worked with the sawn base to stand upright, at this link
- amethyst tips
- pink quartz tips
- citrine quartz tips
- biterminated quartzs
- Tibetan, Lemurian, phantom and laser crystals
- raw crystals, etc.

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