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Volcano Kilauea Ash Raw Minerals Lapilli Pumice Lava Bombs Stones Rocks Collecting

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Origin : Hawaii Island (USA)

Size : vial mm 44 x 10 diam.

Volcanic Ash sample Raw Minerals Lapilli Pumice Lava Bombs Stones Rocks for Collection.
Rare specimen of Volcanic Sand erupted from the Mount Kilauea Volcano, collected in the 1960's. Coarse or medium grained.

Volcanic ash consists of small tephra, which are bits of pulverized rock and glass created by volcanic eruptions, less than 2 millimetres (0.1 inch) in diameter. Ash is created when the usually violent nature of an eruption involving steam results in the magma and solid rock surrounding the vent being torn into particles of clay to sand size.
Every ash samples is labelled and bagged in a vial with cap (mm 44 x 10), so thay can easily be removed if required for study under a microscope.
As with all volcanic ash, the material should be handled with care and not inhaled.

Kīlauea is a volcano located on the island of Hawaii (North Pacific Ocean), the largest of the homonymous archipelago. Its name, in the local Polynesian language means "cloud of rising smoke".
Volcanoes such as Kīlauea are formed by the presence of a hot spot under the Earth's crust, which is a hot point of ascent of molten rock, a volcanic phenomenon characteristic of very few areas of the Earth's surface (eg: Iceland, Yellowstone).
A good part of the lava surface covering it is just over 1000 years old. It is located on the slopes, at an altitude of 1200 meters, of one of the largest volcanoes in the world, the Mauna Loa. Other elements also belong to this complex. The lava exploding and cooling rapidly in contact with sea water forms clouds of gas and steam, simultaneously increasing the surface of the island; in addition, sudden lava fountains are created, with ash fallout and solidification, formation and collapse of cones. The magmatic effusions form, then run through them, lava tunnels. All these are the typical activities of this volcanic complex. The continuous changes due to the changing nature of active volcanoes make this an area in constant evolution.
Recent studies have investigated the internal structure of the volcano, thanks to the analysis of the seismic waves that cross it, reaching the location of the magma tank, located a few kilometers deep; then the volcanic structure, consisting of solidified lava, is located above the tank. With each eruption, the lava of the volcano is buried by successive lava flows; this fact increasingly compresses the lava until its density is equal to that of the magma. This condition was traced to a depth of about three kilometers. Moreover, at each eruption the top of the volcano goes into subsidence and the composition of the lava changes during certain prolonged eruptions, and the late leaking lava is richer in olivine and has a higher temperature than the lava previously erupted.
On some occasions, the Kīlauea was the protagonist of strong explosions of steam, which caused numerous deaths, as in 1790, moreover another danger for the local population is the risk of a seismic phenomenon and precisely the Kīlauea produced, on 29 November of 1975, one of the most violent American earthquakes of the twentieth century, reaching a magnitude intensity of 7.2. The earthquakes are the consequence of mass movements of magma, especially if located in the rift zone.
The inhabitants of Hawaii associated the volcanic phenomena with the mood of a female divinity called Pele, whose dwelling would be located near the large crater on top of the Kīlauea.

Available on our website, besides ashes, pumice and bombs, also various volcanic rocks, such as Apache Teardrops, sulfur, obsidian, tuff, crystal chalk, etc.

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