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Pink Tourmaline 1.82k Gems Costume Jewerly Worked Tumbled Stones Minerals Crystaltherapy

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Origin : Brazil

Size : 1.82 k - mm 8.92 x 6.75

Pink unheated ourmaline or Rubellite Oval cut 1.82 carats mm 8.92 x 6.75 Gems Costume Jewerly Worked Tumbled Stones Minerals for Crystaltherapy, as in photo.

Clarity Grade: TYPE 3 eye visible inclusions;
Color description: pink - very slightly reddish pink;
Saturation: strong;
Cut Grade: good;
Finish and polish: good;
Estimated Retail Replacement Value: 120.00 euros.

The stone has a good cut with an excellent degree of facet, the color is very good as well as the shape, the cost of which is largely repaid, although lately the prices have increased for all the shades of color of the tourmaline (with the exception of Paraiba, thanks to the discovery of new finds) over the last years up to 500%, especially for the best quality stones above 1-2 carats, as those coming out of Brazil are less and less with less facet, due to the excessive mining activity in the last 50 years which is leading to exhaustion of the mineral.

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