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Massager Cobble Stone Chrystal Rock Potassium Alum Physical Massage Antistress Worked Minerals Crystaltherapy

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Origin : Italy (Toscana)

Massager Cobble Stone Chrystal Rock Potassium Alum 160-180 gr - 16-17 cm x 5-6 x 3.5-4  Physical Massage Antistress Worked Minerals Crystaltherapy.
Beleved Chrystal Mineral natural Deodorant
Hemostatic Salt.

The double aluminum sulfate and potassium dodecahydrate (potassium aluminate, potassium-alum, potassium alum or rock alum) is a mixed salt of aluminum and potassium and at room temperature it appears as a colorless and odorless solid.
Since ancient times, in the Arab and Asian countries it was a rare and sought after substance, being a powerful cicatrizant, as well as a natural antiseptic against fungal infections, skin irritations (cold sores, erythema, dermatitis, sooth the pruritus of insect bites, etc.); it was also used in numerous production activities and in various sectors, such as leather tanning. In the Middle Ages it became a product of strategic importance. Although it is commonly called "potassium crystal", it does not actually exist as such, potassium in nature is found only in the form of salts.
In domestic use, rock alum is used as a particularly economical and effective body deodorant, as well as a natural remedy against the bad odor of the feet. It is also used as odor-absorbing in the refrigerator and is sold both in the form of white powder, similar to fine cooking salt, and as a blunt crystal. It is also widely used as a powerful aftershave due to its astringent and haemostatic abilities as well as hypoallergenic. It can also be used to make any fabric fireproof.

Anti-odor and haemostatic
Sweating is a natural phenomenon that allows the thermoregulation of our body. Unfortunately, in some sweaty parts of our body, which are moist and warm, many bacteria and microorganisms find the ideal environment to reproduce, feeding on the organic substances that make up the sweat; they are undoubtedly responsible for that unpleasant odor that we all know well. The "potassium crystal" is predominantly a natural antibacterial: it eliminates odor and, more importantly, it leaves the transpiration of our skin totally free, contrary to deodorants that only cover an already existing odor "waterproofing" the area preventing its natural and beneficial transpiration (with consequent irritation-allergies and other things for sensitive people). So the sweating is not prevented: the consequences would be very serious if the elimination of excess water and salts were missing, as well as the effect of thermoregulation that stabilizes body temperature. It is a totally natural mineral composed of pure potassium alum crystals, which has always been associated with the old aftershave hemostatic rock alum. Effective and long-lasting, if well preserved, it lasts for years and protects for over 24 hours. It can also be used together with your favorite scent, as it is odorless and hypoallergenic and leaves no traces on the skin. It is very suitable for the feet, especially if you make a light massage, insisting between the fingers. It is indicated for adolescents who usually have problems with the use of tennis shoes or hormone hyperproduction, both factors that intensify the odor. Suitable for all skin types.

How to use, warnings and other uses
Very easy to use after a shower, just wet the crystal with water and gently pass the stone on the body wet in the affected areas, rubbing on the points critical to the sweat, such ascelia, groin, feet. Furthermore:
- passed on the cold sores makes him regress quickly
- in case of small cuts or abrasions, it helps to heal the tissues
- on hands that smell of fish, garlic or onion, if washed under the tap rubbing the crystal between the fingers, the unpleasant odor disappears miraculously
- as aftershave eliminates the causes of skin irritation after shaving.
The "potassium crystal" has always been a natural antiseptic, and therefore the whole family can use it. It is economical and lasts long as it is only consumed when it is wet: after use it is advisable to place it on a soap dish, so that it dries quickly (attention: never place it on a marble surface).
It is ecological, it helps to respect the environment because with the use it does not eliminate gas or chemicals dispersing them in the air.
It is curious to know that in some countries of the world potassium crystal is particularly known by virtue of its firming and toning effects on the skin, even on the most secret parts of the body.

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