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Chalcedony Wand (4) Stick Massager Physical Rod Massage Antistress Chakra Tumbled Stones Worked Minerals Crystaltherapy

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Origin : Brazil

Size : cm 11 x 2

Chalcedony Wand Massager 90 gr - cm 11 x 2 Stick Physical Rod Massage Antistress Chakra Tumbled Stones Worked Minerals Crystaltherapy, only a piece as in photo.

Wands are often associated with magic, but due to the powerful properties of the crystals, they are convenient for meditation, reiki, crystal therapy, as an environment purifier or as a massage of the internal and external body with benefits of relaxation. An excellent gift idea, a natural and effective integration into the beauty routine of every day.
Use the wand in contact with the skin, massaging or pressing on the intervention area. You can use the massage wand at a distance by placing it on the chakra points. You can massage the body using the wand like a Gua Sha or for pleasure, using it as a dildo.
Each stone vibrates at different frequencies, influencing the energy and physical bodies in a different way.

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