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Aquamarine Extra Pendant (4) Costume Jewerly Necklaces Worked Tumbled Stones Minerals Crystaltherapy

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Origin : South Africa

Aquamarine Pendant Extra quality 4.6 gr - cm 3 Costume Jewerly Necklaces Worked Tumbled Stones Minerals for Crystaltherapy, only a piece, as in photo.
Variety of Beryl.
You can add black string of leather, or small chain in silver plated.

Aquamarine is a pale blue to light green variety of beryl. The color of aquamarine can be changed by heat.
Aquamarine (Be3Al2Si6O18) has a hardness from 7.5 to 8 and a chemical composition also containing Fe2 +, with few inclusions such as mica, hematite or salt water.
Aquamarine is a common gemstone. However, there is a rarer variant of aquamarine called maxixe which is deep blue in color, which can fade due to sunlight. The color is caused by nitrate (NO3). The word aquamarine was first used in 1677, and later to describe variations in other minerals, such as aquamarine tourmaline, aquamarine emerald, aquamarine chrysolite, aquamarine sapphire or aquamarine topaz.
The value of aquamarine is determined by its weight and color. It can also be rated for cut or clarity.
Aquamarine is referred to as the stone of the month of March. Historically it has been used as a symbol of youth and happiness thanks to its color which, along with its name, has also caused Western culture to connect it to the ocean. The ancient Romans believed that aquamarine could protect people traveling across the sea, and they also used it to prevent disease.
The Chinese used it to make seals, stickers and engravings. The Japanese to do netsuke.
It became the state gem of Colorado in 1971.
Aquamarine can be found in different countries around the world. The state of Minas Gerais (Brazil) is a major source of aquamarine.
Aquamarine is found mainly in granite pegmatites and in the veins of metamorphic rocks that have been mineralized by hydrothermal activity.

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