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Lot 10 Tenebrio molitor Insect Coleopter Darkling Beetle

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Origin : Great Britain

Only 1.2 Euros per Insect ! Lot 10 Tenebrio molitor cm 1.5-1.6 Insect Coleopter Darkling Beetle, A1/A1- quality (possibile legs broken).
Available also 10 mixed pieces, only 7 euro.

Family: Tenebrionidae.
Common name: Moth of Meal, The Tenebrione Miller or Mealworm.

Tenebrio molitor is the largest of the beetles infesting foodstuffs. It is spread all over the world, that is cosmopolitan. In Italy and in all temperate regions, the Tenebrio molitor normally completes only one generation per year. The adult beetles of Tenebrione miller, shunning the light, commonly build their nests inside warehouses and plants drying grain, close to mills and pasta factories. Are symptomatic of the few and rare cleanliness of the premises infested. However, because the larvae can also feed on guano and other types of manure, this insect pest can be also in flocks of poultry.
The Tenebrione miller is a good flier, shuns the light and moves preferably in the evening to reach warehouses, silos, mills, or where there are substances that nourish it with pleasure, such as flour, bran, pasta, biscuits, spices , dry bread. While feeding on a diverse range of food substances, including animal (such as dried meat, horns and leather), is considered an agricultural pest mainly flour and all products derived from the processing of cereals. The most serious aspect of a infestastazione, by the Tenebrio molitor regards contamination and ejections of the same insect pest, more than the quantitative destruction of the food product itself.

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