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Crematogaster scutellaris Ant Worker Insect Hymenopterus Formicidae

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Origin : Italy

Crematogaster scutellaris mm 4-6 Ant Worker Insect Hymenopterus Formicidae.
Common name: Red-Headed Ant.
Syn. Formica scutellaris, Crematogaster scutellaria.

Crematogaster scutellaris (Olivier, 1792) is an ant belonging to the subfamily Myrmicinae, widespread in the countries of the Mediterranean area.
The workers of Crematogaster scutellaris are medium-sized ants with an ovoid head of a reddish colour, contrasting with the rest of the body which is instead blackish in colour.
The end of the abdomen is heart-shaped and ends with a short sting; it is characteristically pointed upwards when they are alarmed, to show the sting which expels a drop of venom repellent to most other ant species; This characteristic behavior gives rise to the common name of "rizzaculo ants" with which they are referred to in various Italian regions. It populates a wide variety of microhabitats, ranging from tree trunks to dead wood, including the beams of human homes.

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