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Eucera longicornis Long-Horned Bee Insect Hymenopterus Apidae

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Origin : Italy (Liguria)

Eucera longicornis cm 1.3-1.5 Long-Horned Bee Insect Hymenopterus Apidae.
Syn. Eucera tuberculata, Eucera difficilis, Eucera atricollis.

As in most of Eucerini tribesmen, the antennae of males are very long, for this reason they are nicknamed by long-horns bees. They nest in the ground. Some species are important pollinators of alfalfa. The Eucera genus is holarctic: is present in most of Europe, in the Eastern Palearctic ecozone, the Near East and North Africa. This genre has 219 species, of which 78 European.

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