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Lethocerus grandis LARGE Tropical Insect Giant Water Scorpion True Bug Hemipterus Heteroptera

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Origin : Thailand

Lethocerus grandis cm 7-8 Tropical Insect Giant Water Scorpion True Bug Hemipterus Heteroptera.
Famiglia: Belostomatidae.
Common name: Giant Water Bug, Tadpole Killer, Toe Biter or Electric Light Bug.

Lethocerus is a genus of heterogeneous hemipteran of the Belostomatidae family, distributed in tropical, subtropical and temperate areas of the world. The largest species diversity occurs in the Americas, with only one species in Europe, two in Africa, two in Australia and three in Asia. The South American L. grandis and L. maximus are the only species capable of exceeding 9 cm in length.
In some species the females lay their eggs on the backs of the males, but they are usually laid on the emerging vegetation (rarely on artificial structures) high enough above the waterline so that the eggs do not remain permanently immersed. The male therefore protects the eggs from predators and periodically brings water to the eggs to prevent their drying.
Like other members of this family of giant aquatic insects, the Lethocerus species are predators that overwhelm prey by stabbing it with the beak and injecting a poisonous saliva. The rostrum can also be used for self-defense and the sting is very painful for humans, but usually resolves within a few hours at most.

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