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Collection 10 Tropical Giants Insects (2)

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Origin : South America, Asia

Only 19 Euro for Giant Insect ! Collection 10 mixed extralarge Tropical Arthropods from Asia and South America, all classified:

Heterometrus laoticus (scorpion), cm 11-13
Mormolyce phyllodes (violin beetle), cm 9-9,5

Fulgora (Pyrops) lanternaria (lantern fly, bedbug peanut or bug alligator) cm 5.5-6.5, wing span cm 11-13)

Tirachoidea westwoodi (stick insect), cm 20.5-23
Attacus atlas (cobra butterfly, female), wing span cm 20-23
Scoliidae sp. (wasp),
cm 3-3.5, wing span cm 4.5-5
Chalcosoma mollenkampi (horned beetle, male), cm 8-9
Lethocerus grandis (aquatic bug-scorpion), cm 7-8
Nephila pilipes (spider), cm 3-5, leg span cm 15-20
Callipogon armillatus (longhorn beetle), cm 8-9.5.

If purchased separately would cost  274.10 Euros, so instead of just only 19 Euros to insect, to have some of the largest Insects in the world in your home!
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p.s. for the size of each insect (not to scale with the other specimens in the photo) and its geographical origin, see the same directly in the catalog, as listed above (which, in the event of exhaustion of one of the specimens, we provide for usually - save unexpected - to update in real time, together with the photo).

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