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Sarcophaga carnaria Insect Flesh Fly Dipterus Brachycera

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Origin : Italy (Lombardia)

Sarcophaga carnaria mm 8-12 Insect Flesh Fly Dipterus Brachycera.
Family: Sarcophagidae.
Common name: Carnivorous Fly.

Sarcophaga carnaria (Linnaeus, 1758) is a dipterous of Sarcophagidae family.The larvae, called the bigtaker or sledgehammer, is whitish and is a few millimeters long. During the cycle preceding the metamorphosis, it feeds on rotting flesh. Sarcophaga carnaria is vivipara: it lays its larvae in rotting flesh (dead carcasses, food leftover, etc.) which grow in a very short time. The larvae, within a few days (under optimal conditions of food and temperature), pupate to leave shortly afterwards in the form of adult fly. The bigtee is very much used in sport fishing and, more useful, in forensic entomology.

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