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Xylotrupes gideon gideon Tropical Coleopter Insect Scarab Rhinoceros Beetle

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Sex : M

Origin : Indonesia (Est Java)

Xylotrupes gideon gideon cm 5-5.5 Tropical Insect Coleopter Scarab Rhinoceros Beetle.
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Common name:
The Brown Rhinoceros Beetle or Fighting Beetle.
Syn:  Scarabaeus gideon.

Xylotrupes gideon is a species of large scarab beetle belonging to the subfamily Dynastinae. It is particularly known for its role in insect fighting in Thailand.
This species can be found across much of Southeast Asia, south to Australia and east to the Solomon Islands.
Xylotrupes gideon can reach a length of 3.5–7 centimetres (1.4–2.8 in). As usual with rhinoceros beetles there is a great difference between the genders. Males are larger than females. They have two chitinous bifurcated horns, a thick thoracic horn and a smaller cephalic horn, which they use to eliminate their rivals during the mating period.These beetles are shiny dark red, dark brown, or black in coloration. The eyes are located on each side of the head. When disturbed these beetles make a hissing noise, produced by rubbing the tip of the abdomen against the edge the elytra.
The larvae develop in decaying vegetable matter and take usually two years in development, the adult beetles live 2–4 months. A female can lay about 20-30 eggs but it depends on the place where they lived
These beetles are used for staging beetle fights, a traditional entertainment popular in the northern region of Thailand. They are captured and trained by their owners to become stronger and more aggressive. In the fight the beetle that lifts its opponent up by its horns wins. A bug may also win if his opponent walks away, falls or is overturned. Insect fighting is mostly practiced in the Chiang Mai and Nan provinces of Thailand. It is also popular in Myanmar and Northern Laos. Spectators usually place bets on the fights. Insect coaches claim that their activity provides a free pastime while drawing attention upon insects that would otherwise have been ignored or just killed as pests.

 Xylotrupes gideon borneensis Minck, 1920
 Xylotrupes gideon boudanti Silvestre, 2006
 Xylotrupes gideon gideon Linnaeus, 1767
 Xylotrupes gideon lakorensis Silvestre, 2002
 Xylotrupes gideon sawuensis Silvestre, 2002
 Xylotrupes gideon sondaicus Silvestre, 2002

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