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Chalcosoma caucasus Tropical Insect Coleopter Scarab Rhinoceros Beetle

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Sex : M

Origin : Est Java (Indonesia)

Chalcosoma caucasus, cm 10-11 Tropical Insect Coleopter Scarab Rhinoceros Beetle.
A1- quality (the distal end of one or more legs may be detached).
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Common name: The Caucasus Beetle.
Syn. Chalcosoma chiron.

Chalcosoma caucasus (the Caucasus beetle), is a species of beetle of the Scarabaeidae family, subfamily Dynastinae.
The males of Chalcosoma caucasus can reach a length of 9-13 cm, while the females grow up to 5-6 cm. They are the largest of the genus Chalcosoma and one of the largest beetles in Asia. They have a pronounced sexual dimorphism. The males have developed enormous curved horns on the head and chest that they use to fight each other to obtain the mating rights with the females. These instead are significantly smaller. The female elytrons have a velvety consistency, since they are covered with tiny hairs. When males enter into conflict for the females the fighting spirit is as high as that of the Dynastes hercules (scarabear ercole) of South America.
The C. caucasus differ from the Chalcosoma atlas (with which they are often confused) because they have a small tooth on their lower or cervical horn.

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