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Allomyrina (1) dichotomus tsunobosonus Tropical Insect Coleopter Scarab Rhinoceros Beetle

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Sex : M

Origin : Taiwan (YunLin County)

Size : cm 5.5-6

Allomyrina dichotomus tsunobosonus cm 5.5-6 Tropical Insect Coleopter Scarab Rhinoceros Beetle.
Syn. Trypoxylus dichotomus, Trypoxylus dichotomus politus.

Trypoxylus dichotomus (Linnaeus, 1771) is a beetle of the Scarabaeidae family, widespread in Asia in the areas corresponding to China, Mongolia and Japan.
Males reach 8 cm in length and have a long cephalic horn which divides at the end forming a "Y". In addition to this showy protuberance they also have a small thoracic horn, also forked. Like all the specimens of the Dynastinae subfamily, they are skilled fliers, even if they never cover great distances during the flight. The adults emerge from the cocoon in the summer and then die, the males shortly after mating and the females after egg laying.
Given their size and showy horns, they don't have many natural enemies. To defend themselves, they make violent movements with legs and horns and this can sometimes be enough for the predator to give up. Another strategy used by the beetles of almost all families is to rub the wings with the lower part of the abdomen producing a grinding sound. however, the latter does not always work, especially if the predator knows the prey well. The larvae, on the other hand, have none of this and this makes them easy prey, however they can deliver strong and violent bites with their powerful jaws, which can prove to be seriously harmful. The main enemies of the latter are birds (woodpeckers) and small mammals. Several cartoons are inspired by this insect species, including the Pokémon series.

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