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Eurema hecabe Insect Tropical Butterfly Pierid

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Origin : Indonesia

Eurema hecabe one wing lenght cm 1.5-2.7 Insect Tropical Butterfly Pierid.
Common name: The Common Yellow Grass.

Eurema hecabe is a small butterfly species of the Pieridae family found in Asia, Africa and Australia. It usually fly near the ground and is found in the habitats of grass and scrub. Exhibits seasonal polyphenism. The moth has a darker summer metamorphosis.
It is a very studied species, of which about fifteen subspecies are known and about thirty synonyms, most of which subscribed to the genus Terias: Papilio hecabe, Terias hecabe, Terias solifera, Terias bisinuata, Terias chalcomiaeta, Terias dentilimbata, Terias orientis, Terias aethiopica, Terias butleri, Terias floricola, Terias brenda, Terias maroensis , Terias biformis, Terias latilimbata, Terias amplexa, Terias mandarina, Terias photophila, Terias diversa, Terias phoebus, Terias contubernalis.

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