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Catopsilia scylla cornelia Insect Tropical Butterfly Pierid

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Origin : Philippines (Marinduque)

Catopsilia scylla cornelia one wing lenght cm 3-3.5 Insect Tropical Butterfly Pierid.
Common name: The Orange Migrant or Orange Emigrant.

It is a species of butterfly of Pieridae family.
Adults are approximately 60–65 millimetres (2.4–2.6 in) long. The males have white forewings edged in black, and cadmium-yellow hindwings, usually with black spots on the margins. Females are similar, but have an additional group of black spots on the forewing, which often merge to form a dark ring.
C. scylla has a wide distribution in South East Asia and Australasia. Its range stretches from Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, along the Malay Peninsula, across Java and Sumatra, and over northern Australia. It was recently discovered in Sri Lanka.
 Its larvae feed predominantly on plants of the genera Cassia and Senna.
Catopsilia scylla was first described by Carl Linnaeus, as Papilio scylla, in his 1763 work Centuria Insectorum.
C. s. etesia
C. s. praerubida
C. s. sidra
C. s. cornelia
C. s. Asema
C. s. bangkeiana
C. s. moluccarum

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