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Papilio blumei blumei Insect Tropical Butterfly Papilionid Swallowtail

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Origin : Indonesia (South Sulawesi)

Papilio blumei blumei one wing lenght cm 6-6.5 Insect Tropical Butterfly Papilionid Swallowtail, A1-/A2 quality (specimen has imperfections or various damage).
Common name: The Peacock or Green Swallowtail.
Syn. Papilio fruhstorferi

Papilio blumei (Boisduval, 1836) is a diurnal moth belonging to the Papilionidae family. It is found only on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. It is sometimes confused with the more common Papilio palinurus, from which it is distinguished by the flashy iridescent green tails, which are not present in P. palinurus. Sexual dimorphism is not present, the sexes are distinguished mainly by the width of the green bands of the upper wings. The wingspan of P. blumei is 120-140 mm.
The remarkable feature of this butterfly's wing is that it contains rows of very small concave surfaces that reflect light in many ways. For example, the center of the concave surface reflects a yellow-green light and the edges reflect a blue light.
At the center of the concavity, the light is reflected directly but when the light hits the edges, it bounces amplifying and rotating the light waves.
The final mixture is known as structural color due to the complexity with which it is produced.
The researchers took about ten years to recreate a simplified replica of the butterfly wing surface. It is hoped that this technology will lead to banknotes and credit cards that are difficult to falsify and make solar cells more efficient in collecting energy from the Sun.

- Papilio blumei blumei (northern Sulawesi)
- Papilio blumei fruhstorferi Röber, 1897 (southern Sulawesi)

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