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Automeris jucunda (2) Moth Insect Tropical Night Butterfly Saturnid

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Sex : F

Origin : Colombia

Automeris jucunda Female one wing lenght cm 3-3.5 Moth Insect Tropical Night Butterfly Saturnid.
Family: Saturniidae.
Common name: Yagrumo Butterfly.
Syn. Phalaena jucunda, Hyperchiria junonia, Hyperchiria titania.

Automeris jucunda is a lepidopteran insect of the family Saturniidae, one of about two hundred species of the genus Automeris. It is found in almost all of the southern Caribbean basin, particularly in Panama, Colombia and Venezuela (but also in Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname and Brazil), where its common name is the Yagrumo butterfly, as it is common to see it near Cecropia peltata trees. It is not limited to strictly jungle regions, but representatives of this species are found both in tropical areas and in high altitude intertropical zones.
Like many moths, it has two eye-shaped markings on its hind wings and a brightly colored abdomen to deter potential predators and indicate its potential poisonousness and bad taste. It is attracted to light, so it is common to see it flying at night near lampposts, in streets or in gardens. Its larvae are of an intense green color with white and red longitudinal lateral stripes, and spines with venom glands that produce a stinging liquid. They live in groups on plants and weave large cocoons of leaves and silk from which adults then emerge.

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