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Actias maenas Giant Morh Insect Butterfly Saturnid

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Sex : M

Origin : Est Java (Indonesia)

Actias maenas one wing lenght cm 6-7 Giant Moth Insect Tropical Butterfly Saturnid, male, A1- quality (specimen has small imperfections).
Common name: Malaysian Moon Moth.
Family: Saturniidae
Syn. Actias leto.

The Malaysian moon moth is an Indo-Malaysian Saturniidae od Saturniinae subfamily. In this species is very marked sexual dimorphism: the male is purplish-brown and yellow, while the female is larger and, overall, light green in color.
The various forms of this moth live in tropical rain forests and evergreen in Malaysia Sumatra, Java, the Philippines, the surrounding Southeast Asia and South Asia.
Unlike most females of the Saturniidae family, they give off pheromones and mate after their first flight.

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