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Lycaena phlaeas (2) Insect Gossamer-Winged Butterfly

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Origin : Italy (Lombardia)

Lycaena phlaeas one wing lenght cm 1.1-1.3 Insect Gossamer-Winged Butterfly, A1- quality (specimens have small imperfections).
Common name: The small Copper, American Copper, or Common Copper.

Syn. Papilio phlaeas, Papilio timeus, Papilio virgaureae, Polyommatus turcicus, Heodes hyperborea, Chrysophanus phloeas, Heodes phlaeas, Heodes ethiopica, Heodes kuriliphlaeas,  Chrysophanus arethusa, Chrysophanus abbottii, Polyommatus phlaeas, Polyommatus turanica, Heodes coccineus, Chrysophanus pseudophlaeas, Chrysophanus phlaeas, Heodes matsumuranus, Polyommatus hypophlaeas, Lycaena americana, Chrysophanus americanus, Lycaena bacchus, Heodes hypophlaeas, Hesperia eleus, Lycaena shima.

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