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Nephila pilipes Giant Spider Golden Orb-Weaver Arachnida Araneidae

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Origin : Indonesia (Java)

Nephila pilipes LARGE cm 15-20 leg span, body cm 3-5 Giant Spider Golden Orb-Weaver Arachnida Araneidae.
Family: Araneidae, Subfamily: Nephilinae.
Common name: Northern Golden Orb Weaver or Giant Golden Orb Weaver.

Syn. Nephila maculata, Aranea longipes, Aranea maculata, Aranea pilipes, Aranea sebae, Epeira caliginosa, Epeira chrysogaster, Epeira doreyana, Epeira fuscipes, Epeira harpyia, Epeira penicillum, Meta ornata, Nephila aurosa, Nephila chrysogaster, Nephila fuscipes, Nephila ornata, Nephila pecuniosa, Nephila procera, Nephila submaculata, Nephila sulphurosa, Nephila tenuipes.

Nephila pilipes is a species of Spider that can be found in Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Indochina, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Australia. They are commonly found in primary and secondary forests and gardens. It is one of the largest spiders in the world, with sexual dimorphism: males can be 4-10 times smaller than females
The web is vertical with non-symmetrical irregular mesh. The sacs of eggs instead of being hung, are laid in an excavated trench which is then covered with plant debris.
Nephila pilipes annulipes Thorell, 1881 – (Indonesia)
Nephila pilipes flavornata Merian, 1911 – (Sulawesi)
Nephila pilipes hasselti (Doleschall, 1859) – (Java)
Nephila pilipes jalorensis (Simon, 1901) – (India, Sri Lanka)
Nephila pilipes lauterbachi (Dahl, 1912) – (New Guinea)
Nephila pilipes malagassa (Strand, 1907) – (Madagascar)
Nephila pilipes novaeguineae (Strand, 1906) – (New Guinea)
Nephila pilipes piscatorum Vis, 1911 – (Queensland)
Nephila pilipes walckenaeri (Doleschall, 1857) – (Java)

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