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Haplopelma minax LARGE (2) Giant Tarantula Tropical Spider Arachnida Theraphosidae

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Sex : F

Origin : Thailand (Chiang Mai)

Haplopelma minax LARGE cm 16.5-18 Leg span Giant Tarantula Tropical Spider Arachnida Theraphosidae.
Family: Theraphosidae.
Common name: The Thai Black Spider.
Syn. Melopoeus minax,
Cyriopagopus minax.

Cyriopagopus is a genus of medium to large Southeast Asian tarantulas found in China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo and the Philippines.
As of March 2017, the genus includes species formerly placed in Haplopelma. It was first described by Eugène Louis Simon in 1887. The nomenclature of a group of South and Southeast Asian teraphosid genera, including Cyriopagopus, Haplopelma, Lampropelma, Omothymus, and Phormingochilus, is somewhat confusing. The status of genera has changed several times recently and species have been moved from one genus to another. Currently, Haplopelma is considered a synonym of Cyriopagopus, and Melopoeus of Haplopelma, thus of Cyriopagopus, but this may change.
The cephalothorax is usually dark brown. They have eight eyes grouped on a sharply raised portion of the cephalothorax, forming a "tubercle".
The species that have been studied live in underground tubes lined with silk, often surrounded by a network of radiant signal threads. They can be found in small colonies at the base of trees or bamboo. Some species prefer steep slopes facing south.
Like all Old World tarantulas, spiders of the genus Cyriopagopus lack the urticant hairs found in their New World counterparts, so they use their bite as their primary means of both attack and defense. Some species of Cyriopagopus are among those reported to have more toxic venom. While the bites can cause severe pain and a number of other effects, no fatalities are known. Large tusks can produce puncture wounds that are susceptible to bacterial infection if not treated properly.

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