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Acanthoscurria ferina Giant Tarantula Tropical Spider Arachnida Theraphosidae

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Origin : Peru (Cajamarca)

Acanthoscurria ferina LARGE cm 12-13.5 leg span Giant Tarantula Tropical Spider Arachnida Theraphosidae.
Family: Theraphosidae.
Common name: Brazilian Rusty Birdeater or Brazilian Giant Whiteknee Tarantula.

It is a species of Tarantula native to the forests of Brazil. The common name refers to its bright legs wrapped in black and white. This is a large species, which grows rapidly until it reaches a legspan of 8.5 inches for females in 3-4 years, a little less for males. The whiteknee tarantulas are highly valued as pets, although their stinging hairs can be very irritating to human skin and, due to their large size, the damage caused by their poisonous bite can be harmful.

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