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Clypeaster Fossil Sea Urchin Echinoderma Prehistoric Tertiary Cenozoic Miocene Collection

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Origin : Sevilla Villanueva del Rio (Spain)

Geological era : Upper Miocene (Tortonian)

Age : 11 million of years

Size : cm 13.3 x 12,3 x 6.2 h

Fossil Cake Sea Urchin Sea Biscuit Sand Dollar mm 133 x 123 x 62 h gr 742 Clypeaster campanulatus Invertebrata Echinoderma Echinozoa Echinoidea Irregularia Marine Flat Urchins Prehistoric Extinct Cenozoic Tertiary Miocene Collectibles Paleontology Museum.

Remarkable fossil find of Sea Urchin Irregularia from the Miocene, representative collectible specimen of fair quality and in good state of conservation, with evident and appreciable details of the bell-shaped exoskeleton, with the plates of five-ray symmetry.
These fossils are rare enough to find as complete and in good condition as this specimen.
Only a piece, as in photo.

Clypeaster (Lamark, 1801) is a genus of sea urchins of the Clypeasteridae family.
The name of the genus Clypeaster derives from the Latin clypeus (round shield) and aster (star), referring to the shape of these organisms.

The genus includes irregularly shaped sea urchins with bilateral symmetry (Bilateria). The outline is pentagonal and rounded and the body is usually flattened. During the day they live partially or completely buried in the sand in shallow water and emerge at night to obtain nourishment from the sediment.
Animals of the genus Clypeaster are more commonly called "sea biscuits or cake urchins". The genus first appeared in the late Eocene and survives to this day.

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