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Speleologic Headlamp Head Torch Exploration Cave Cavern Work no light

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Size : cm 8 x 6 x 4.5

Speleological Head Lamp Electric Torch for Explorations in Caves Caverns Tunnels Catacombs Ravines Work Sewers Electricity no light.
Resistant and lightweight lamp, 3 light modes, ideal for freeing your hands in speleology, archaeology, paleontology, volcanology, astronomy, camping, hiking, orienteering, trekking, mountain bike, running, jogging, fishing, hunting, survival, mountaineering and for travelers with Backpacking and sleeping outdoors and trips. Best head or headlamp for adults, kids, beginners, Boys Scouts.

Special lighting effect provided by a low consumption, high intensity 7 LED headlight with a wide illumination range;
extensive lifetime of led (1 pcs LED: 240 hrs, 3 pcs LED: 120 hrs; 7 pcs LED: 60 hrs);
adjustable inclination and head strap held;
water resistant;
3 x 1.5V "AAA" size batteries replacement.
Flashlights or Manual Electric Portable Torchs are also available at this link.

The Headlamp is a useful and comfortable tool that allows the user to illuminate the part in front of them without using their hands, thanks to elasticized and adjustable straps that allow a perfect fit to the user's head.
The first users of headlamps were the miners and explorers of the 18th and 19th centuries: the typical helmet with a small carbide burner and water which, mixed together, developed acetylene.
Acetylene lamps then gave way to typical incandescent bulbs, with normal batteries. This type of lamp was decidedly safer, because it did not produce open flames, so in the event of a flammable gas leak, explosions could not occur: the worker or explorer could save themselves if they somehow noticed the gas leak. The drawback of these lamps was, and still is, the excessive heat produced by them.
In recent years, LED bulbs have become established, used for mountaineering: they produce very little heat, have low battery consumption and can last up to 80% longer than incandescent lamps. Unlike the latter, they do not consist of a single lamp, but rather of a set of lamps. This technology involves the installation of an LED in an electronic printed circuit. Two examples of additional functions compared to previous bulbs are:
- the possibility of turning on the lamps in groups, to better adapt to the dim light and save battery energy, up to total darkness (in this case all the LEDs can be turned on, providing much more light);
- the possibility of using flashing: with this measure it is possible to signal dangerous situations more easily (and at a greater distance) or alert emergency services in the event of accidents.
Normally all these functions are obtained by pressing a single button consecutively.
The headlamp is useful not only for sports such as mountaineering or mountain biking, but also for hiking, caving and work. Just think of a speleologist forced to work, climb or handle the rope or a firefighter who has to rescue in the dark, both with one hand because they have the bulk of a traditional lamp.
The latest generation headlamps almost always have various adjustable and adaptable parts that allow the inclination of the lamp, with the possibility of directing the light beam even longitudinally.

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