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Gray Plasticine Strips 75 cm Modeling Wax Artificial Clay Fixing Collection

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Size : 75 cm (6 strips each 12.5 cm)

Pack of Gray Striped Modeling Plasticine Plastirina Wax Pongo Artificial Clay for Model Marking or for Removably Fixing Collectibles to Supports.
Suitable for fixing objects such as Fossils, Shells, Minerals, Teeth or other things in a removable and non-permanent way, for example in our Plexiglas Boxes, at this link.

Measures: overall length of the strips in the package: 75 cm, divided into 6 strips of 12.5 cm.

Plasticine (also called Clay Wax) is a moldable plastic material similar to putty, composed of calcium salts, petrolatum and aliphatic acids. The original composition of which is based on oil, clay and wax (without dyes it has a brown appearance). Although it was a trademark for the British version of the product, the term Plasticine is now applied generically in English as a product category to other formulations.
Plasticine is used for children's play and as a modeling medium for more formal or permanent structures.
The fundamental characteristic of plasticine, unlike clay, play-doh or DAS which tend to dry out, is that over time it retains good plasticity without hardening.

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