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Entomological Box A -Small Butterflies Coleopters Insects Collecting

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Size : cm 26 x 19.5 x 6 h

Entomological Display Box Frame Showcase Notice-Board cm 26 x 19.5 x 6 h for Collection Butterflies Coleopters Insects in dark brown Wood with front in Glass, Museum Model, as in photos.

Recommended for starting or integrating your own entomological collection at a professional level.
Composed of two interlocking pieces with internal rim, walls in thick white cardboard, bottom covered in soft plastozote where the specimens can be pinned using a special entomological pin.
Plastozote is preferred to polystyrene or polyurethane due to its resistance to certain preservative substances that can be added to it (e.g. paradichlorobenzene dissolves polystyrene!). Furthermore, it holds entomological pins perfectly, without slipping off.
The closure is hermetic, but it is always advisable to introduce a special mothcide inside (on sale on our site, with pins and exhalers), to be replaced when evaporated.
The 3 available sizes that we propose are the standard ones commonly used in museums.
These boxes, if desired, can also be used to store specimens of shells, fossils or small minerals.

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