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Beechwood Creosote Preservative Mothproof Pesticide Tarmicide Insecticide Antiparasitic Poison Entomology Tassidermy Collecting

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Size : 10 ml

Beechwood Creosote Natural Preservative Mothproof Pesticide Tarmicide Insecticide Antiparasitic Poison for Entomologic and Tassidermic Collections.
Suitable for keeping away and killing moths, pests, Anthrenus museorum, Dermestidae and other coleopters beetles parasites that infest Entomological Display Box, Frame, Showcase, Notice-Board.
Long lasting, just a few drops on a cotton ball, placed in Exhalator Bottle for display boxes.
Like all insecticides, it is recommended to use it in moderation, in a manner suitable for this single use, and to keep out of the reach of children.

Creosote is the common name for various products, of different composition, resulting from the distillation of either wood or mineral tars.
The most common wood derivative is a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons obtained from the distillation of beech wood. It is a colorless liquid, slightly soluble in water and soluble in organic solvents. It was once used in medicine for its antiseptic, anti-catarrhal and antipyretic properties. It is still used in endodontics as a disinfectant in temporary fillings.
It was also used for the conservation of wood from the beginning of the 18th century (in fact it was widely used as an impregnator for railway sleepers), but also as an insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, foaming agent, feeder in the production processes of carbon black, in the production of emulsions disinfectants and to obtain fluxing oils used as binders.

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