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Potassium Alum 1 Kg Tan Embalm Taxidermy Preparations Vertebrate Antiallergic Hemostatic Deodorant Disinfectant

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Size : 1000 gr

Granulated Potassium Alum 500 gr Powdered Salt for Tanning Leather Embalming Taxidermic Preparations Vertebrate Antiallergic Hemostatic Deodorant Disinfectant.
Also known as Rock Alum.

The double aluminum sulphate and potassium dodecahydrate, potassium alum or potassium alluminate, more known as rock alum, is a mixed salt of aluminum and potassium of sulfuric acid and at room temperature appears as a colorless and odorless solid.
Since ancient times it was used to wash wounds (it is a very powerful hemostatic) and in numerous productive activities and in various sectors. In the textile industries it was used as a fixative for colors, its use was therefore basic in the dyeing of wool, in the making of miniatures on parchment and in the tanning of leather. It was then used for the production of glass and in medicine it was used as a hemostatic.
It is currently used as a natural personal deodorant for the body (on sale at this link), particularly economical and effective, anti-allergic and as a remedy against foot odor. It is also used as an odor-absorbing refrigerator and is sold both in the form of a white powder, similar to fine cooking salt, and as a beveled crystal (at this link). It is also widely used as an aftershave due to its astringent and haemostatic properties. It can also be used to make any fabric fireproof.
Do not confuse potassium alum with "potassium crystal": the latter does not exist in nature, but is found only in the form of salts.
Rock alum is useful in the watercolor painting technique to soak the paper before working with colors, the surface thus treated is more uniform and, absorbing less the color, intensifies the pictorial stain effect typical of this technique.
An alum crystal can easily be produced starting from the powder dissolved in a saturated solution, usually hot, in which it is immersed, once the temperature has dropped slightly, a small crystal (germ or crystallization seed) kept suspended by a thin thread in the center of the solution put to rest in a jar in a quiet place for 2 or 3 weeks. We obtain a crystal with the characteristic shape of double pyramids (octahedra) or various and incomplete combinations of these forms.

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