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Test Tube 5 ml with Cap 5 Pieces Vial Bottle Laboratory Container Powders Pills Minerals Shells Insects Fossils Samples

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Size : cm 1.5 x 4 h

Lot 5 Pieces Cylindrical 5 ml opaque Plastic Capped Test Tubes Vial Bottle Laboratory Container for Powders Pills small Naturalistic Samples.
Press-fit cap.
Dimensions: 1.5 x 4 h cm.
Also available individually, at this link.

Universal use for powders, pills and small items.
Examples of use: pills, medicinal capsules, plant samples (seeds, pollen), geological samples (mineral powders, volcanic ash, lapilli, tephra, granules, fossils), malacological samples (tiny shells), entomological samples (small insects, beetles or other arthropods). Not suitable for liquid, hot or plastic-damaging substances.
Other names: soft cap vial, mini test tube, mini vial, rubber stopper vial, storage tube, capped vial, small cylindrical container, clear plastic vial, medicine bottle, tiny plastic vial, pill bottle, capsule holder, pill vial, cap seal pill bottle.

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