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Plastic Dark Bottle 250 ml Laboratory Pharmacy Cosmetics Container Chemicals Liquids Medicines Perfumes Essences Extracts Syrups

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Size : 250 ml

Dark Glass-Like Plastic Bottle 250 ml Faux-Glass Amber Bottle for Laboratory Pharmacy Cosmetics Container for Chemicals Liquids Medicines Perfumes Essences Extracts Syrups Oils.
Black screw cap.
Dimensions: cm 5 x14 h about.

Universal use for liquids, also for powders and semi-fluid substances.
Examples fo uses: essential oils, fatty oils, syrups, essences, extracts, Bach flowers, perfumes, colloidal silver, chemicals, granules. Not suitable for substances that attack plastic. Allows optimal emptying of residues.
Pharmaceutical quality: translucent brown PET bottles with glossy surface for medicines according to European standards are manufactured in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia. This plastic bottle is also approved for food and can therefore be intended for food use.
Other names: screw cap bottle, screw bottle, storage bottle, pharmacy bottle, pharmacy bottle, pharmacy container, pharmacy vial, amber plastic bottle, medicine bottle, light plastic bottle, syrup bottle , narrow neck bottle, Veral brown bottle with oblique sides.

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