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Howlite (2) Raw Minerals Stones Rocks Collecting

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Origin : Brazil

Howlite 21-30 gr - cm 2-4 Raw Minerals Stones Rocks for Collection.

Howlite is a mineral of the borate class (calcium borosilicate hydroxide). Its name derives from that of its discoverer, the Canadian chemist, geologist and mineralogist Henry How, who described it for the first time in 1868, indicating its approximate chemical composition. It consists of crystalline aggregates, sometimes in compact nodular masses of large dimensions. Crystals, transparent and tabular, are very rare. Crystallizes by evaporation of aqueous substances in evaporitic deposits.
The color is milky white and may have black or brownish veins. Its appearance is dull with a glassy sheen. Due to its porous nature it is often subjected to blue coloring to imitate turquoise or red to imitate coral.
Although discovered in Canada, the main sources today are California and Los Angeles (USA), followed by Nova Scotia (Canada), and the Marmara region of Turkey.
It is mainly used as an ornamental stone.

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