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Sulphur 100 gr Raw Minerals Stones Rocks Collecting

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Origin : Bolivia (Miniera El Desierto)

Sulphur 100 gr Raw Minerals Stones Rocks for Collection, package with small pieces and powder.

Sulfur is a chemical element of the periodic table of elements with symbol S (from the Latin sulfur) and atomic number 16. It is an odorless, tasteless, very abundant non-metal. Its best known and most common form is the crystalline form of an intense yellow colour. For the most part, sulfur occurs naturally in many minerals bound to other elements in sulfides (for example, pyrite is an iron sulfide) and sulfates (for example, gypsum and alabaster are calcium sulfates). It is found in its native state near hot springs and volcanoes (hence the archaic English name brimstone, where brim is the edge of the volcano), therefore associated with volcanism and in particular with fumaroles and solfataras.
In addition to pyrite, minerals containing sulfur include mercury sulphide or cinnabar, lead sulphide or galena, zinc and iron sulphide or sphalerite and antimony sulphide, called antimonite or stibnite.
In small quantities it can also be found in coal and oil, from the combustion of which it is transformed into sulfur dioxide which, in the presence of oxygen and humidity in the air, is transformed into sulfuric acid and makes the rain acidic.
Through its main compound, sulfuric acid, sulfur is one of the most important elements for use as a raw material for industry; of paramount importance to virtually every sector of the chemical industry. The production of sulfuric acid is the main use of sulfur and the consumption of sulfuric acid is often considered a measure of the degree of industrialization of a state.
The extraction of sulfur began in Sicily from the beginning of the 17th century and developed rapidly until it reached 4⁄5 of world production.
The characteristic color of the surface of Io, a moon of Jupiter, is due to the presence of different forms of sulfur, both liquid, solid and gaseous. A dark area near the lunar crater Aristarchus is also speculated to be a sulfur deposit. Sulfur has also been found in numerous types of meteorites.

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