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Chiastolite Slice 4 Pieces Worked Minerals Crystaltherapy

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Origin : China

Size : cm 2-2.7

Lot 4 Chiastolite Slices 30.8 gr in total diameter cm 2-2.7 Worked Minerals Crystaltherapy.
The lot is just that of the photo.

Also available in single sections, at this link.

It is an Andalusite containing thin carbonaceous inclusions or dark clay oriented regularly to take the form of a cross that is formed during the crystallization process.
The color varies from yellowish brown to dark green, from the most famous red green. It has a very strong pleochroism, to the point that if rotated, the same gem can appear yellow, green, red. Only a few crystals, very clean are used as gems. In the opaque variety, yellowish gray, shows the typical cross-section.
In ancient times was considered to be a highly protective stone, used against the evil eye.

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