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Azurite Nodule 3 Pieces Raw Minerals Stones Rocks Collecting

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Origin : Morocco

Size : 3.4 gr - mm 10-12

Lot 3 Azurite Nodules 3.4 gr (17 k) total weight - mm 10-12 Raw Minerals Stones Rocks for Collection.
The lot is just that of the photo.

Also available in single pieces, at this link

The Azurite is a mineral (carbonates family)  of alteration of copper sulphide deposits in the carbonate environment.  It is formed in the most superficial levels of malachite and is often replaced by this for pseudomorfic hydration. Also present as an impregnation of sandstone by carbonate vadose waters come in contact with water rich in sulphates of copper. It is normally associated, in addition to malachite, to limonite, calcite, calcocite, chrysocolla and other secondary minerals of copper.
Chemical formula: Cu3 (CO3)2 (OH)2 (basic copper carbonate)
Crystal system: monoclinic.

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